As my final year at the Hebrew Union College — Jewish Institute of Religion comes to an end, one of the requirements is to lead a Shabbat morning service for the faculty and the community. The purpose of this service is twofold — firstly, to display my growth as a student rabbi who has worked for years to reach ordination. The second purpose of this service is to articulate my hopes and aspirations for my rabbinate. As you all know by now, I have the incredible honor of serving as your settled rabbi for the next three years, something that I am deeply grateful for and really looking forward to.
In putting together this service and writing my final sermon for the HUC community, it was my goal to not only honor the development of my rabbinic voice and presence, but to convey my excitement and goals for the next three years at CBS. My sermon begins at around the 1hr & 13min mark, but please feel free to listen to the rest of the service for some of my favorite musical pieces sung by the Cantor and myself. 
Link to the video: