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January Meeting Notes

Our last book club meeting on January 21, 2018 was something very special.  We had the author of Education of a Traitor, Svetlana Grobman, at the meeting to answer our questions about growing up in the former Soviet Union during the Cold War era.  Thank you so much, Svetlana, for your gracious and articulate explanations.  We all learned a lot and enjoyed ourselves tremendously.


Our next CBS Book Club meeting will be Sunday, March 18th, 2018 at 3 pm in the Congregation’s farmhouse.  We’re reading something a little different.  It’s The Murderer in the Mikdash by Gidon Rothstein, recommended by Irwin Kaye.  The author calls it a “Post-Messianic Novel”, which raises issues of imperfection in a perfect world.  The setting of the novel is the future in which the Messiah has already come.

Here’s the study guide which Irwin provided:

Here’s a blurb from Amazon found by Linda Lowenberg:  Rachel Tucker, an ABC News anchorwoman temporally living in Israel, has just had a baby and lost her best friend to sudden respiratory distress.  Her attempts to find the real cause of her friend’s death force her to confront uncomfortable truths about the Messianic society that Israel has become, about herself, and about how she can or cannot find her place in that world.

If you’re intrigued please join us for the discussion of Murderer in the Mikdash on March 18th at 3 pm in the farmhouse.

See you there!

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