From the CBS President

September 2018 President’s Update

Shalom and L’Shana Tovah!

The Board met last night and discussed a number of issues. These are the highlights.

The Board appointed members to the newly created Financial Operations Committee. The members are Michael Gardner, Scott Joffe, Joanna Trachtenberg, Paul Eisenstein, Bob Haines and Rick Diamant.  Janna Lancaster and I will be ex-officio members. The committe will be charged with creating financial governance guidelines, which means putting into place processes practices to get us on the path to sound financial management.  We have also been meeting with potential bookkeepers and accountants to get an idea of what services an outside professional could provide to CBS.

Big thanks to Barb Haines, Rebecca Smith and the garage sale volunteers for a successful garage sale. They made $2,151 and they have some additional items yet to sell.

Another huge todah robah to Debi Kupferer, Emy Friedman, Bob Haines, Judy Schermer and Janna Lancaster for their help in beautifying and cleaning our bimah area.  Debi and Emy raised money through donations to replace the carpet and have a carpenter add stained walnut trim to our bimah.  The whole group shined up the woodwork and tidied up the area.

The CBS website has been migrated to a new host within URJ.  Seth Rosner has handled this change.  We focused first on getting everything moved. We realize there need to be some updates on the website and Seth is now working on that.  If you have content for the website please draft it and send it to Seth. Seth is our webmaster and the brains behind the screen but he does not write content.

CBS is once again able to take automatic withdrawals from your bank account in payment of your pledge. Please contact the office or Dan Edidin if you are interested.

Please take a moment to fill out your pledge form or send in your pledge check. You need to do one of these things to be considered a member of CBS for 5779. The Board has voted on this requirement because there are people active in our community who are not officially members. Membership will be a requirement for participation in High Holy Days honors and also for inclusion the upcoming directory.

Best wishes for the sweetest of new years!


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