Margie Sable is leading the effort for CBS and a group of volunteers is in the process of getting qualified to help. There will be many ways that we can help the family as they find jobs to support their family, enroll their children in our schools, learn English and integrate into American society and culture. If you would like to be an active volunteer, please contact Margie Sable (

In addition to our time and effort and contributions of goods and services, there will be times that the partnership will need CASH to buy things for the family. Catholic Charities has indicated that we (the partnership) should have $4,000 identified for supporting various needs of the family. At present, our partnership has raised $2900, so we need to raise an additional $1100 in total (from all three organizations). The size of the membership of each organization is different (Bahai and RBCC are significantly smaller than CBS) so there is no attempt to get equal support from all three.

Contributions in any amount are welcome. You can use this form to contribute directly to the CBS Tikkun Olam Fund for Refugees.