Donate to support Afghan Refugees


Dear CBS Members, 

Thank you, thank you.  Due to your responsiveness and generosity, we have already exceeded our current fundraising goal for the Tikkun Olam Fund for Afghan Refugees.  At this time, we will be closing the online portal for contributing.  If, in the future, we determine we need additional funds, we will reach out to you. 

In the meantime, our Interfaith Sponsor Group (CBS, Bahai, Rockbridge Christian) has now received its assignments, and we have responsibilities for three groupings all from Afghanistan: 1) a young couple with a baby girl; 2) a young man; and 3) another two young men sharing an apartment.  If you would like to help and haven’t indicated your interest, please reach out to Margie Sable who is leading CBS in this effort.   It’s never too late.


Nikki Krawitz

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