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Shabbat Services
Friday Night/Erev Shabbat
Rabbi Phil Cohen leads Kabbalat Shabbat services via Zoom at 6:30 pm. The service includes prayers, songs and a few words of Torah. Check in with friends and share Shabbat.
Zoom: – Meeting ID: 841 2486 5329

Saturday Morning
Rabbi Cohen leads a Reform Shabbat morning service at 10 am in person (outdoors in the tent) and via Zoom. Prayerbooks are not needed. B’nai mitzvah students and their families are encouraged to attend. We’ll sing, chant, read from the Torah, have a few words of Torah.
Zoom: ~ Meeting ID 839 0085 4580

Torah study follows Reform services in person and via Zoom at 11 am.
Zoom: ~ Meeting ID: 844 9116 7901

Parashat Chol ha-Moed Sukkot

Torah – Exodus/Sh’mot 33:12-34:26; maftir Numbers/Bamidbar 29:35-30:1

Haftarah – Ezekiel 38:18-39:16

Here are links to this week’s texts via Sefaria: 

Coming Up
Sukkot Camp-Out Saturday, September 25 @ 5 pm
Simchat Torah Monday, September 28 @ 6 pm

Beatrice Lancaster’s Bat Mitzvah Saturday, October 2 @ 10 am
Sacred Music Shabbat & Concert Friday, October 8 @ 6:30 pm
CBS Book Club Sunday, October 17 @ 3 pm
Maayan Lazinger’s Bat Mitzvah Saturday, October 23 @ 10 am
Tefilah Tuesdays @ 7 pm –
Hebrew Bible with Howard Lidsky Sundays @ noon @ CBS
Religious School & Youth Group
Religious school meets this Sunday, September 26
Hebrew school meets Wednesday, September 29
Youth Group meets Sundays at 11:30 am

Religious School meets 9:30 am-11:30 am and Hebrew School meets 11:30 am-12:30 pm on Sunday, outdoors on the CBS lawn. Please send your student with a snack and reusable water bottle. Hebrew School meets Wednesday from 6:30 pm-7:30 pm.  
CBS’s Temple Youth Group (TYG) is affiliated with NFTY. Since we are a small congregation, this year our TYG is open to all students in grades 8-12 or post b’nai mitzvah. Students who are in grades 6 and 7 and have not yet had their bar/bat mitzvah will be included in programming events. We encourage and welcome engagement of all our teens. 
Our TYG will meet on Sundays from 11:30 am-12:30 pm in the sanctuary building with masks on and windows open. Youth group will follow the same school calendar as the religious school. Ben Rouder is our TYG advisor. Stop by and meet him on Sundays. He also teaches the 6th and 7th grade religious school class. With questions, contact Debbie Kaplan at or Ben Rouder at
Work on our playground includes weeding, adding a weed barrier and new mulch, and power washing and sealing the equipment. The mulch, washing and sealing will cost around $1,000.  Paul Eisenstein is organizing help with the weeding and mulching on October 2. If you can help, sign up here: We will hire someone to power wash and seal, unless someone volunteers the equipment and time.

Sukkot Camp-Out

With questions, contact Shari Weinman @
To sign up to bring something, please go to:
Simchat Torah

Come sing and dance with the Torah! 
Monday, September 27 at 6 pm
Brief Maariv service (outdoors), singing and dancing
We’ll have flags to wave, songs to sing – and candy apples
A great time for all ages!
from Rabbi Phil Cohen
Are you interested in preparing for a bar/bat mitzvah as a grownup?  
If you didn’t have one at age 13, consider joining with me in a weekly class that will culminate in the spring with a celebratory service.  Even if you had a bar or a bat and would like to engage in an adult version of what Judaism means, please consider this opportunity.  Think of it, then, as an adult Confirmation class. Or perhaps you’re not Jewish but would like to study Judaism; consider taking this class.  
Having done this several times, my experience has taught me that this opportunity produces a genuine learning community which creates great fellowship.  
If you are interested, please respond to me personally at my email.  I’ll set up a Zoom call to discuss the logistical details with all interested parties, and we’ll move forward on arranging for a class time. Note: I’m not saying here when we’ll meet as that will be part of the discussion.  The time most accessible to the most people will be the hour we’ll select.
Please contact me at:, or call at 716 481 7929.
Moadim l’simcha,
Rabbi Phil Cohen

Beatrice Lancaster’s Bat Mitzvah
The Lancaster family invites the CBS community to celebrate Beatrice’s bat mitzvah on Saturday, October 2nd at 1 0 am.

Weather permitting, we will gather in the tent. A Kiddush luncheon will follow.

CBS Playground
The new date for the CBS playground spruce-up is Sunday, October 3 from 1 pm – 5 pm.

Sign up here:

Hope to see you then!

Sacred Music Weekend
Join the Schermer family as they celebrate Judy’s birthday
with a music-filled Kabbalat Shabbat service & concert
on the CBS lawn (weather permitting)

Friday, October 8  @ 6:30 pm
Kabbalat Shabbat services followed by a concert of sacred music
CBS lawn, weather permitting*

We hope you can join us for a music-filled evening!  Rebekka Goldsmith from Philadelphia and Eitan Kantor from St. Louis will delight us with vocals and violin.  
Rebekka performs and leads sacred music throughout North America.  She uses voice as a physical, emotional and spiritual practice for activating personal development and supporting deep group connection. Learn more about her at  
Eitan is a musician, composer and educator who raises curiosity, playfulness and faith in the ability of each person to be an essential thread in the communal music tapestry. Learn more about him at
No Gifts Please. If you’d like to honor Judy, make a donation to the new Sacred Music Fund, ℅ Congregation Beth Shalom. Proceeds will go toward bringing sacred music performers to CBS annually. 
*If weather moves us inside, vaccinations or a negative COVID test required ~ masks required outdoors or indoors

Desserts for True North
CBS helps True North feed the women and children in their shelter by supplying desserts/snacks once a week. The residents make their own meals and this helps them greatly!
If you can help, plan for around 40-50 people. Drop off the goodies between 9 am and 7pm Thursday through Saturday for the week you sign up. Since they keep their address private (due to the nature of their services) please call ahead and let them know you are on your way: 573.875.1370. Ring the doorbell and tell the staff that you are from CBS, dropping off food for the residents.
Please label your treats with any allergens – dairy, nuts, etc., in case a resident has an allergy.
If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Golden at 314.603.3087 or
Sign up here:!/showSignUp/10c0e4fa4aa23a7fc1-true/14044160

PS: A hearty Todah Rabbah to Julie Deering for keeping True North supplied with desserts nearly every week this past summer!

Online Talk

Josh Parshall will give a talk on secular Yiddishkeit in the American South, on September 30 at 6 pm. Jordan Wax will perform three songs as part of the presentation.

CBS Book Club
The next CBS Book Club meeting will take place on October 17 at 3 pm.  We will be discussing The Yellow Bird Sings by Jennifer Rosner. The novel is based on true stories of Jewish children who were hidden during World War II.  Reviews describe it as a beautiful story that testifies to the strength of the mother-child bond and that celebrates hope in even the worst of times.  
All are welcome to join.
 HHD Children’s Service

In Memory of Ruben Hakimi
Elizabeth Goldenhersh
Jan Jago
Randee Shenkel & Steve Fogel
DeeDee Strnad (Tikkun Olam)
Julie Deering & Pat Prejean
Mandana Hakimi (RDF)
Brent & Linda Lowenberg
Deboran & John Zemke
David & Ellen Gardner
Kevin & Sheila Cranman & Family
Jerry & Judy Schermer (Project Isaiah)

Speedy Recovery for Leah Cohn
Brent & Linda Lowenberg
David & Ellen Gardner
Jerry & Judy Schermer

Speedy Recovery for David Klachko
Brent & Linda Lowenberg

Speedy Recovery for Myron Lite
Brent & Linda Lowenberg

In Memory of Alyce Turner’s Mother, Lea Turner
Brent & Linda Lowenberg
David & Ellen Gardner
Judy & Jerry Schermer

In Honor of Rabbi Phil Cohen’s Birthday
David & Ellen Gardner (RDF)

In Memory of Michael Friedman
Kevin & Sheila Cranman & Family

In Honor of Rick Diamant & Mary Hartigan’s Anniversary
David & Ellen Gardner

In Memory of Randee Shenkel’s sister, Leonore Weidenfeld
Jerry & Judy Schermer

In memory of Alexandria O’Donnell’s husband, Woody
David & Ellen Gardner

Donations to CBS are a good way to remember or honor people and special life events. Your gift can be directed to the CBS general fund, the rabbi’s discretionary fund (RDF), the library, the Sasha Yelon book fund or the school scholarship fund.
Send a check to CBS, 500 W Green Meadows Rd, Columbia 65203, with a note with details about honorees and where you’d like the notification sent. We’ll send a handwritten card as you direct.

A special thanks to everyone who worked so hard to make High Holy Days services go so well
David & Ellen Gardner
Tell & Kvell!
Will Kupferer has accepted a position with Americorps. He will be trained in disaster relief and travel the country where services are needed.

Mazal Tov, Will!

Have you received an award or a promotion, welcomed a new child to your family, or otherwise have reason to kvell? Share your good news with your CBS friends. Send an email to Mary at to include in eShalom.