On Wednesday, we watched as a mob stormed the Capitol Building and caused mayhem. By the end of the day, four persons were dead, a Confederate flag was marched through the building, and a gallows had been erected on Capitol Hill. This open disrespect for democratic governance is terrible and frightening and cannot continue to be tolerated. Nor can the disruption of the peaceful transfer of power, in which the United States has taken so much pride for centuries, go unaddressed. Religious leaders, along with political leaders and ordinary citizens, must speak out against insurrection.

As a Jewish community, we know the pain of prejudice and of hatred, we know the importance of stable democratic government, and we know the danger created when aggrieved citizens respond to electoral disappointment with violence and intimidation.

The Congregation Beth Shalom Board of Directors denounces the events of January 6th and those in government and other positions of trust who encouraged it. We pray that our nation’s leaders will find the resolve to fulfill their oaths to protect the Constitution, the courage to resist violent assaults against our democracy, and the wisdom to pursue justice for all.