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Want to read the opinions of your fellow congregants regarding the state of Israel, Judaism, or issues of Jewish ethics? Just click on the links below. Or if you have an opinion on these subjects that you’d like to share with all, contact the webmaster to post your point of view. Letters will not be edited, but will be screened for suitability. Defamatory or malicious writings will not be posted.

Poetry in the Pulpit 

As you may know, once a month we’ve been asking members to share thier favorite poetry during Friday evening services.   If you have a piece you’d like to share with all (original or not), please contact the webmaster. 

Our Walls Restored

From generation to generation we prayed: 
Rebuild, O God, 
The walls of Jerusalem, 
That Zion may be restored! 
Here at your Temple wall, 
I pray, O God: 
Give us peace, 
That we will not need them.

by Eran Feintuch

Health Care Collective

By Dianna Long

If there is one iota of public good to come out of the Terry Schiavo case, it may be that more people will execute a health care directive, dictating their wishes should they ever be in a similar situation. I have one, and I strongly encourage others to have one. Even if we are not planning a medical procedure, we never know when a car accident will happen, etc.

In order to encourage the members of CBS to act now, while the issue is on their minds, I am willing to prepare a healthcare directive for any member who will donate a minimum of $50.00 to the fund of their choice at CBS. I will do reciprocal health care directives for married couples or domestic partners for one donation.

Please pass this along, and let everyone know that I can handle all of the preparation by e-mail, and they can take it to a notary of their choice, or we will do that in the office, too.


Please link here Recipies to find recipies from our members!  If you have a recipie to share, email it to the webmaster.

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